I’ve spent the last year circling the atmosphere/stratosphere/troposphere/whatever sphere surveying the wide, wide world of education and trying to figure out where to land. Regular ed? Middle School? Elementary school? Tech ed? Gifted ed?  I’ve been a teacher most of my professional life, and I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. I’m all for tech tools and learning and creativity and collaboration, but I’m awful at marketing anything that includes my thoughts, my philosophies, my name. It goes back to middle school—I’d rather be a wallflower. With my husband’s job change a year ago, I moved away from my comfortable little job teaching high school digital communications (in a private school) to the monster machine of suburban public education (for my children) and the pioneering adventure of charter schools.

So this blog is an experiment of sorts. It isn’t a how-to or here’s the next best thing or even a fancy edublog with a million ideas and articles. I follow many of those, and “they” (all the brilliant they’s in the educational world) are masters. Me? I’m an introverted creative, a teacher, a builder, oh, and a momma of two rock star little boys. This is about my professional journey. In a few short weeks, I start a new position as an enrichment teacher for this fantastic little charter school in the arts district of downtown Kansas City. It’s new and innovative and wants to do relevant education. I like that. I’m building the program. From scratch. Oy.

This summer I decided to “push out” and try a couple of new skill sets to weave into my classes next year. I’m a firm believer in if I expect my students to use the tools or create the products, then I need to know the tools, manage and design, walk the process and create the products. Helps me better mentor them in their educational journey.

My first big project–a video. I’ve made a ton of videos in my life, mostly for clients. But this time I was going to try something new–stop motion animation. It was an incredible learning experience.  It challenged me to explore the creative world of stop motion animation, something I cannot wait to do with my students.

Maybe next blog post I’ll write a tutorial on the how to. Or maybe I’ll screencast it. Of course, there are a million YouTube videos on how to make a stop motion video.  That’s how I learned, of course.


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