sketch appI love those moments in my life when I give pause to reflect, “This is it. This is why I do what I do. This is why I push myself to move beyond comfort into the unknown, embracing challenge, forging through failure, knowing it is best for learners.”

My morning was typical. Quick meetings, delivering completed items on my to do list, connecting with teachers on needs for the day. Total work mode. As I stood talking briefly with one of my colleagues, there stood a little boy, hovering, waiting, to ask questions, I assumed only for his teacher. Pausing for a moment in our conversation, she turned and asked, “Keegan, what can I do for you?” Surprisingly, I heard him say, “I need to talk with Mrs. Maynor.” I only knew this boy by sight, as I had not worked with him much except in large groups. In my current position as “blended learning coach” (still trying to define what exactly that means), one of the things I absolutely love is that when it comes to working with our learners, I can truly customize instruction. Maybe it is working with a small group that needs extending learning or it might be team teaching with classroom teachers for large group inquiry, or it may be feedback on projects or ideas. For this little boy, I quickly figured out he wanted me to help him bring his passions to life on screen.

Keegan: “So, I know you do a lot of video stuff. I was thinking maybe you could help me.”

Me: “Sure! What is it that you need?”

Keegan: “Well, I do magic tricks. And I was thinking of making a magic show, and I need to make a video. Would you teach me how to do that?”

There was my moment. In that pause, it wasn’t about what he had to learn but what he wanted to learn. He was directing his own learning path. And he invited me to be part of his journey.

Me: “Absolutely! And you know, production is team-based. Do you have someone who would like to learn with you? To maybe run the camera?

Keegan: “Yes! And I was thinking I could ask my mom to come, too. I want her to learn, so she can help me at home.”

We set the date for after Spring Break to learn all about production, camera techniques and editing. His self-imposed work until then? “I’m going to work on my show so I’m ready.” Yes, Keegan, you are the talent!

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