Have your learners be online content creators and contribute to others by teaching them how to write and produce video tutorials.


Curate (or create) examples of tutorials that best reflect what you want your students to produce. Have students explore and analyze the purpose, structure, and style of online tutorials on their own. Then together, discuss and analyze with students the structure of the video, specifically highlighting the how-to/step-by-step aspect of the tutorials.

Present the challenge to have students create their own video tutorials in order to teach others. Have them brainstorm a list of skills in which they feel they are experts and can teach others. Have them narrow it down to a subject in which they feel most comfortable creating a step by step tutorial.


Teach the students how to create an outline/storyboard for the tutorial. “Pick a short task or concept that you can describe in about 100 to 300 words. You usually speak about 100 words a minute, and videos are ideally three minutes or less. Write the script as conversationally as possible, and read it out loud several times as you walk through each of the steps.”

Once students have drafted their scripts, have them read it many times over as well as confer with others to get feedback for improvement. Help students arrange the text to suit the flow of the message they are trying to deliver.


It is important to practice and prepare the tutorial before actually recording it. Have students run through the step by step tasks and set up any kind of information, events, or other sample data they want to show.

Help students to analyze and evaluate their tutorial  to make sure it makes sense and is something one can demonstrate in a simple way. They should practice it several times to make sure their script matches all the actions.


Have students help each other record their tutorials. Once they are recorded, students can add titles and other audio that may be helpful to their tutorial. Using an editing platform such as iMovie or WeVideo, students can edit and organize their video to best match their script. Once they are happy with their video, they can export and upload to YouTube to share with the world.

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