As in any project-based learning experience, we start designing with learning standards. For this particular experience, sound and story elements were the foundation. Making instruments? Stomp? Soundtracks? Jingles? So many possibilities.

We always ask the question – what could our students create from their learning?

Inspired by the recent Keynote animation updates to the iPad and the Everyone Can Create resource for Garage Band, we decided to have the kids create animated stories with only a musical soundtrack for the audio. Working in pairs, we began the creative process by inspiring them to think like animators and composers. We asked our learners to answer the question what if…and to let their imaginations flow.

What if cars could talk? What if rats could cook? What if monsters went to college? Any of those what ifs sound vaguely familiar? If you haven’t discovered Pixar in a Box brought to you by Khan Academy, please check it out HERE. It’s a fantastic resource created by experts to foster the storyteller in all of us.

Using Numbers to organize and teach the production process, each team decided on a what if story and then dove into concept development and storyboarding. Lead learners worked the room to check for understanding, evaluate story fidelity, and offer feedback and help as needed.

Production soon followed, and the studio was abuzz with stories, conversations, animations, music, and creativity. Once learners finished creating all their different movie components, for post-production, they exported then imported everything into iMovie where final editing happened.

The iPad, Apple Pencil, Keynote, iMovie, Garage Band and the power of Numbers for project management made this project possible for first and second graders to be animators, composers, and editors. The Everyone Can Create resources make it possible for us, as educators, to design authentic learning experiences that mirror the world. Thank you, Apple Education!

Enjoy a few of the stories!

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