From Hollywood to YouTube, the magic of green screen technology — the chroma key — has powerfully impacted communication, the development of new ideas, and storytelling of any subject. From a newsroom to landing on Mars to touring the inside of the body to illustrating a scientific concept, using green screen technology in the learning process opens new dimensions of content understanding, limitless creativity, and the power of the imagination.

Created on Keynote, iMovie, and Garage Band

It is the Year of the Green Screen. With the recent green screen updates to the iMovie app on the iPad and the complex integrations of the Apple ecosystem, learners are empowered to create, design, and communicate stories, concepts, new ideas, all while interacting multi-dimensionally with the world through visual creations. My goal this year is to discover new and innovative ways to use the green screen for visual storytelling and to give every child the opportunity to utilize green screen technology on their own iPad device.

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