There is always a backstory.

My name is Susan Maynor. I’m a trained educator. I went back to school to study my passion for storytelling, where I learned to craft visual stories, design graphics and manage digital projects for other people. At some point, my worlds merged, and now I help transform education. I love making things more beautiful. Or old things made new. Or pioneering new endeavors.

I have over 20 years experience in both public and independent schools, both as a teacher and consultant. I now serve as a learning experience designer for EPiC Elementary in Liberty Public Schools. EPiC is an innovative, project-based learning community designed to inspire students to be creative and think big. I have a B.A. in Education (K-9) from Wheaton College, M.A. in Communications from Lindenwood University, a Missouri gifted certification (K-12) from University of Missouri Columbia, and have produced media and video stories for small companies, nonprofits, and various educational institutions.

I consider myself a no-red-light thinker, passionate about transformative learning and re-imagining education. This blog is my journey into engaging the imagination.

Accolades and Publications


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