Design Thoughts on Technology Tools: There are a million tools and platforms out there. And one size does not fit all. I believe in customizing a project to best fit the needs of all involved, even if it is a solo project. I tend to be purist–sure, any tool will work, but I’d rather dabble in industry-standard. Third graders can use Photoshop and fourth graders can edit on FCX. Shoot for the stars, even if you only make it to the moon.

Culture Cornucopia: Designed as inquiry, investigation, then creation, this learning experience gives learners an opportunity to discover and understand how culture and geography can shape our beliefs as individuals.

Stop-Motion Summaries:  Take writing summaries to a whole new level! Consider having your kids produce stop motion summaries, giving them the opportunity to extend their learning to include visual design, visual storytelling, collaboration, and creativity.

Digital Age Skill: Create Video Tutorials Have your learners be online content creators and contribute to others by teaching them how to write and produce video tutorials.

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