There are a million tools and platforms out there. And one size does not fit all. I believe in customizing a project to best fit the needs of all involved, even if it is a solo project. I tend to be purist–sure, any tool will work, but I’d rather dabble in industry-standard. Third graders can use Photoshop and fourth graders can edit on FCX. Shoot for the stars, even if you only make it to the moon. 

Research and Content Curation

  • evernote
  • pinterest:
  • peartrees: This visual and collaborative curation tools allows you to collect, organize and share any websites you find online, creating different collections within collections. You can also upload your own personal images.
  • twitter: The key is hashtags! Try TagBoard where you can aggregate, moderate and follow hashtags, as well as create and follow your own hashtag conversations.
  • google docs

Creative Tools

  • adobe design suite: Adobe Creative Cloud is available for educators at 19.99 a month.
  • pages: Much like Adobe’s inDesign, this is a great print program.
  • iMovie or final cut x: video editing platforms. Final Cut will give you all the bells and whistles.
  • pixels:
  • aviary: Great photo editing app.
  • canva: Easy online graphic design platform. Nice templates to get you started.
  • keynote or google presentations:

Communication and Collaboration: 

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