Interview Your Students

Not long ago, I asked a few students the question, "What do you like about school?" A chair, a camera and a conversation. I was fully prepared for the predictable answers of "Recess!" or "My teachers!" or "Lunch!" or "P.E!" Depending on the learner, I might have heard, "Reading!" or "Math" or "Computers!" Interestingly enough,... Continue Reading →

I’ve been thinking about the workshop model in light of today’s learner, specifically the self-directed learner in a personalized learning classroom/community. Gone are the days when students would gather together in front of an easel for a mini-lesson on, let's say, imagery. We would read a beautiful text such as All Summer in a Day, and then... Continue Reading →

Almost 1:1, A Chromebook Classroom

I'm a Mac snob. I admit it. For over 25 years, I've had a love affair with my Apple devices. I remember navigating the platform in college, on a BIG desktop, mostly word documents and no Internet. Then I had my own little desktop. Then I went online. Then I learned software such as Final... Continue Reading →

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