Engage the Imagination

I'm fairly convinced that all high school students are brilliant in their own unique way. Maybe not in obvious ways like an IQ score, academic achievement, or artistic ability but somewhere deep under all the blank stares (boredom), apathetic attitudes (disengagement), and mighty swagger (just the age), there is a brilliantly creative individual. Sadly, we... Continue Reading →

EPiC Elementary and Project Bright Spots

For the month of September, EPiC was invited to participate in Project Bright Spots, a collaborative platform created by The Lean Lab (an education non-profit in Kansas City) to “collide” educators seeking innovative educational opportunities and educational reform. Project Bright Spots was launched last spring (per a Mozilla Gigabit fund) by two young women who... Continue Reading →

"They say" that hindsight is 20/20. We are suddenly in the know because we have moved forward, and we have had time to reflect and evaluate. We feel smarter and more evolved. As teachers, we know that reflection is one of the most powerful experiences for students, as we see them make sense of where... Continue Reading →

Research as a Creative Process

Our learning journey began last September when my students expressed interest in researching a topic of their choice. As I thought through how to approach this process with my students (skills, management, deeper thinking), I found myself challenged in that I didn't want them to just "show what they learned" through a presentation or a... Continue Reading →

Teaching Creativity

"Every individual has latent artistry, and if we guide this potential well, we can spark creative engagement in any subject area." - Eric Booth To empower and cultivate creativity in students is a non-negotiable in today's classroom. I believe creativity, as a skill, is right up there with learning to read, write, compute and problem-solve. After... Continue Reading →

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