Foundations for “Re” #28daysofwriting

For the past several months, I've had the privilege of being part of an amazing team of innovative educators who are in the process of building something new. Not the kind of new you experience when you buy a new car, all shiny and perfectly clean, but more of a..let's say...redesigned, reimagined, repurposed new. As... Continue Reading →

"They say" that hindsight is 20/20. We are suddenly in the know because we have moved forward, and we have had time to reflect and evaluate. We feel smarter and more evolved. As teachers, we know that reflection is one of the most powerful experiences for students, as we see them make sense of where... Continue Reading →

Creative Environments

As an educator, I have always steered clear of using teachery/stock curriculum in the classroom. I learned long ago that the more organic and authentic, the better the quality of both instruction and student work. I love Brain Pickings. I'm not sure I have ever read a post with which I did not resonate in some... Continue Reading →

Story is Everywhere.

Story. I think this is one of the greatest and most profound words in our culture. Story is everywhere--our neighborhood, our city, our family and friends, our favorite coffeehouse, even our favorite shop or website, there is story layered upon story, some loud and full of character, some quiet and full of whispers--all being written... Continue Reading →

Research as a Creative Process

Our learning journey began last September when my students expressed interest in researching a topic of their choice. As I thought through how to approach this process with my students (skills, management, deeper thinking), I found myself challenged in that I didn't want them to just "show what they learned" through a presentation or a... Continue Reading →

Teaching Creativity

"Every individual has latent artistry, and if we guide this potential well, we can spark creative engagement in any subject area." - Eric Booth To empower and cultivate creativity in students is a non-negotiable in today's classroom. I believe creativity, as a skill, is right up there with learning to read, write, compute and problem-solve. After... Continue Reading →

Passion-Based Learning

From my very first days of teaching, I've learned from heroes in the field of education and my own teaching mentors to be a passionate educator, that passion goes a long way in the classroom. Now, I read article after article on passion-based learning, embracing my inner geek, and letting students study their own passions... Continue Reading →

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