Students as Project Managers, Graphic Designers, and Video Producers

Recently, my fifth/sixth grade students jumped at the challenge of designing a museum exhibit for Kansas City's Science City Museum, as participants in the Battle of the Brains competition, a program developed by the partnership of Burns & McDonnell and Science City to support STEM education.  The science teacher (I'm not very science-y) and I had... Continue Reading →


Today I read about nextgen schools and deeper learning. Fascinating, interesting, and transformative. I love thinking about transformation. In essence, it is everywhere, all the time, right in front of us. We just don't always notice. It's easy to transform a messy room into a clean room--we see our progress almost instantly. Our children transform one day to the next,... Continue Reading →

30,000 Feet and Descending

I've spent the last year circling the atmosphere/stratosphere/troposphere/whatever sphere surveying the wide, wide world of education and trying to figure out where to land. Regular ed? Middle School? Elementary school? Tech ed? Gifted ed?  I've been a teacher most of my professional life, and I've never been one to follow the crowd. I'm all for... Continue Reading →

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