I realize standards are not going anywhere. At least not for now, even as we continue to venture into the wild frontier of the "21st Century." We have CCS, NGSS, ISTE, P21, the list goes on. Significant content experts say these are necessary for our students to know and understand and ultimately, integrate into their lives. So... Continue Reading →

Teaching Creativity

"Every individual has latent artistry, and if we guide this potential well, we can spark creative engagement in any subject area." - Eric Booth To empower and cultivate creativity in students is a non-negotiable in today's classroom. I believe creativity, as a skill, is right up there with learning to read, write, compute and problem-solve. After... Continue Reading →

Students as Project Managers, Graphic Designers, and Video Producers

Recently, my fifth/sixth grade students jumped at the challenge of designing a museum exhibit for Kansas City's Science City Museum, as participants in the Battle of the Brains competition, a program developed by the partnership of Burns & McDonnell and Science City to support STEM education.  The science teacher (I'm not very science-y) and I had... Continue Reading →

First Week Reflections

It is amazing to me how much I can learn in one week. I teach in a school where more than 50 percent of the students do not have any sort of device at their house, very few have used technology for any project management, and only one of my 17 students knew what a Chromebook... Continue Reading →


Today I read about nextgen schools and deeper learning. Fascinating, interesting, and transformative. I love thinking about transformation. In essence, it is everywhere, all the time, right in front of us. We just don't always notice. It's easy to transform a messy room into a clean room--we see our progress almost instantly. Our children transform one day to the next,... Continue Reading →

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