EPiC Community News: Each month, Studio One learners produce a monthly news show. The production team researches content and helps draft the script. We have a different crew of anchors who deliver the news to our community.

Tools Used:

  • Pages (works as a teleprompter)
  • iMovie templates, images, and music
  • Canva to create specific images for announcements

Spotlight Series: This year, we took a deeper look at our growth and considered how we could highlight and share our innovative practices.

High School Partnerships: When I started working at EPiC, my husband, a high school chemistry teacher, collaborated on the idea of having the high schoolers run full immersion days with the elementary kids. Three years in, this has blossomed to include every grade level having an LHS Science Mentor day. Here are a few videos documenting these awesome learning experiences:

LHS Science Mentors Playlist

Our Story: How is learning different at EPiC?