Empower Creativity with Visual Narratives (K-12)

Our world is steeped in visual story. With the online explosion of video and photo sharing, infographics and data visualization, even new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, visual narratives (videos) have transformed modern communication. In this workshops, participants learn and experience an authentic production process from concept development to distribution, designed as an instructional model to integrate into any class or content. Participants explore different genres of visual storytelling and integrate different storytelling techniques to produce visual narratives.

Continuous Innovation with Instant Challenges (K-12)

Want to infuse more creativity and continuous innovation into the learning experience? We are living in an age where creativity reigns and the need for innovative problem-solvers is essential. This workshop is designed to help you elevate your practice by re-imagining the educational experience by using instant challenges in your classroom, challenges that foster skills and mindsets for learners to be architects of a better tomorrow. Participants will experience various instant challenges designed to cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and confidence, as well as put their own imagination to work to create their own challenges.

Project-Based Learning: Foundations

Project-Based Learning: Level It Up

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