Let’s work together!

My passion and mission as an educational consultant and professional learning facilitator is to partner with you to make learning real and relevant for all your students. Through on-site workshops, on-site coaching sessions, and virtual coaching, I help educators design learning experiences that foster creativity, communication, teamwork, and complex thinking. These elements of learning empower ALL to develop skill sets and mindsets to make a positive impact in our world. 

I partner with schools and districts in myriad ways, including full day on-site workshops, 1:1 coaching sessions, sandbox sessions, and virtual coaching sessions. These may look like:

  • training workshops for staff on professional learning such as project-based learning, personalized learning, and creativity in the classroom, either in whole group or small groups
  • 1:1 coaching with PLC’s or individual teachers
  • collaboration with leadership on vision planning
  • 1:1 virtual coaching for leaders, instructional coaches, and teachers

For consulting and coaching inquiries, please contact me at shmaynor@gmail.com.

Personalized Professional Learning

Below are several workshops I have developed based on the future of learning. All are customizable to your learning environment.

Creative Visual Storytelling: Our world is steeped in visual story. With the online explosion of video and photo sharing, infographics and data visualization, even new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, visual narratives have transformed modern communication. Participants will learn and experience an authentic production process from concept development to distribution, designed as an instructional model to integrate into any class or content. Participants will explore different genres of visual storytelling and integrate different storytelling techniques to produce one minute visual narratives. Technology: iPad, iMovie, Clips, Keynote, Google Drive

Project-Based Learning Foundations: This interactive and collaborative workshop introduces the development and design process for creating a project-based learning (PBL) experience. We will take a dive deep into the different components of project-based learning and work collaboratively to build a PBL framework for implementation into your learning environment.

Project-Based Learning Level It Up: Ready for next steps with project-based learning? This interactive and collaborative workshop focuses on developing high quality products, meaningful assessments with teacher feedback strategies, project management strategies, and deeper technology integration. In addition, participants look more closely at personalization with voice and choice and jump 30,000 feet to look at year long project-based learning. 

Project-Based Learning Sandbox Sessions: For schools that have had PBL Foundations and/or PBL Level It Up, I offer sandbox sessions, small group work and coaching sessions to help teams develop their project-based learning experiences.

Making Learning Personal: Self-paced learning, goal setting, individual learning pathways? Of course! This interactive workshop provides insight and expertise to help you design a personalized learning environment, encouraging success for all students. 

Spark the Fire of Creativity: Creativity and critical thinking have given us the modern world. Using creative instructional strategies, online platforms, and found materials, spark the fire of creativity in every student.